Blessings of Being a Teacher……

November 5, 2010

Last week, on thursday… when I was taking my 5th class of the day in the last period, after 10 minutes I found one of the supporting stuff brough a glass of water and standing outside the door of my class….. I told her being a bit annoyed that I didn’t ask for water as I was in the middle of discussing a topic …. but then one of my student said… I told her to bring the water for you teacher because I felt you are exhausted and would feel good if u drink water.

My whole heart fell with satisfaction ….. I relaxed and smiled… sat in the chair and drank the water and told them all thank you for being a part of my life now….. I am really happy to be a teacher.

Well…. from last saturday I got very bad cold and frequently having fever…….

This Thursday….. on the 2nd period I entered the class and after 1 minute one of my student came to me with a green apple in her hand…. I asked her what is this for???? she said as my health is not going well through the whole week, thats why she brought the green apple for me… then she told me ” An Apple a Day… Keeps a Doctor Away”  I really became so happy to see her concern.. I took it from her and smiled and said thank you… then she said… “teacher you smiled?”  and then she hugged me and said “I Love You”.

Trust me I felt so good….. Life is worthy and these moments are Blessings being a Teacher.